Working with SharePoint I often have to take a SharePoint List and perform this process on it to retrieve the Guids which I can then use in C#.

1. Export the List from SharePoint as an .STP file.
2. Rename the .STP file as a .CAB file
3. Open the .CAB
4. Open manifest.xml in a text editor
5. Search through it for the Guids.

To make this process easier, I wrote the following Windows console application to parse the results of manifest.xml and print them to a .TXT file. This version creates code for generating a C# class file based upon the user-defined fields in list. If you would like to see all the fields, simply omit the call to the SetBuiltInTitles() function.

You may copy the source code from the source code page, insert it into the program.cs file for a Windows Console App and run it.

My next version plans to create getter and setter methods for all parameters complete with try/catch functionality.

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